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EME Diode Laser

Diode Laser Eupropean

Italian Diode laser

Bye bye unwanted hair

The Epil Evo diode laser works at a wavelength of 808 nm, allowing the laser beam an excellent level of penetration into the dermis and the consequent absorption of energy from the melanin present in the hair bulb.

The monochromaticity of the emitted light beam is particularly selective on the chromophores of the hair and hair bulb melanocytes. Epilation takes place thanks to the selective photothermolysis process of melanin present in the hair. The heat of the laser transmitted to the hair bulb via melanin leads to the thermal destruction of the blood vessels responsible for nourishing the hair bulb.

The thermal shock caused to the hair bulb allows the slowing down of the hair growth time. After a few sessions of exposure to laser light, you can notice a remarkable decrease in the hair number and a thinning of the hair shaft.

Epil Evo is a device for aesthetic use.

The beam of light emitted by Epil Evo handpieces is selectively absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair bulb.

Thanks to the process called selective photothermolysis, the light energy is transformed into thermal energy and causes a strong overheating inside the hair, causing a real explosion of the hair bulb cells.

This mechanism causes the damage and the consequent progressive elimination of the bulb, thus avoiding the regrowth of the hair.

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