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Korea RUIKD IPL I-TONING Hair Removal Skin Care Beauty Instrument



What is I-Toning ?

I-TONING is a new advanced device with changeable filter that can treat various skin lesions by using four multi-wavelength filters of 420nm ~ 695nm.
In addition, using photo rejuvenation and toning technology, it is possible to deliver the same energy in a relatively short irradiation time.
It emits light instantaneously like a shower water stream, minimizing skin surface damage and reducing pain, Acne, pigmentation, hair removal etc. can be effectively performed.

I-Toning Advantages

Treatment of various skin diseases
Quick recovery
Less skin damage and side effect
Vascular lesion treatment



I-Toning Handpiece

I-TONING uses a multi-wavelength method that can effectively treat the pigment according to depth and degree.

It has 4 wavelength filters and pulses in microsecond (μs) which has less damage than IPL and no PIH side effect.

It has excellent effect on hair removal, pigmentation and vascular disease.


l-Toning 5 Mode

Smart Tone
Only the lesion is damaged, and skin elasticity and skin texture improvement effect can be expected through pigment treatment and skin irritation.
Photo rejuvenation
Hundreds of repetitive pulses heat and tightening the dermis. It is effective for skin elasticity, collagen regeneration and acne treatment.
l-toning fires light energy and kills acne causing bacteria.
Hair removal
FHR (Fast Hair Removal) can be rapidly removed by selectively radiating hair follicles or melanin.
treatment is not just for pigment, but also for skin whitening.


Light Source lntensive Pulse Light
Head Spectrum 420 ~ 950nm
560 ~ 950nm
640 ~ 950nm
695 ~ 950nm
Mode Smart Tone
Photo Rejuvenation
Acne Treatment
Hair Removal
Spot Size 10 X 40mm
Electrical  Requirement 220~240 VAC 50/60Hz