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Pico laser has outstanding effects in removing melanin, tattooing, scar repair, and collagen regeneration. we can support simple 1064nm model, or two wavelength model, 1064nm and 755nm. In beauty market,pico laser is more effective than ordinary laser, and the effect is obvious, and it does not damage the skin.


Laser type Picosecond Laser
  Laser output  wave length 1064nm/532nm755nm
Laser signal Pulse energy 1-1400mj
 Laser Pulse width 800ps
  Laser Recurrence rate 1-10Hz
Aming Light Red infrared light
  Spots Diameter 2-10mm(continously adjustable)
Screen   10 inch color LCD screen
Case Material Metal
Laser Power source 220V/5A or 110V/10A
 Machine Size 350*960*840mm



What are the advantages of picoseconds?

Fast: The laser energy transfers very quickly, which can crush any size pigment.

Ruthless: Under the same pulse energy, the shorter the pulse width, the stronger the peak power.

Standard: Three wavelengths, which can adapt to more skin problems.

Stability: The pulse width is shorter and the speed is faster, the energy acting on the skin is reduced, there is no groundbreaking wound and dermal damage after treatment, and the damage to the skin is greatly reduced.



1. What is picosecond laser tattoo removal?

Picosecond laser tattoo removal is based on the principle of selective photothermology. It is a method of bursting the pigment instantly and then being swallowed by phagocytes or absorbed by other means.


2. Why do some tattoos need multiple laser cleaning?

Generally, the shallower thorns can be cleaned by a picosecond laser once to get a very obvious effect, and even disappear completely, but if the tattoo is dark or colored, it is difficult to completely eliminate it through a single cleaning. In this case, multiple cleanings are usually required to achieve better results.


3. Will the use of picosecond laser to remove tattoos leave scars?

Except for individual scars, picosecond laser tattoo removal will not leave scars. It also has a scar repair function and will not harm the skin. After washing, the skin can be restored to its original appearance through proper care. However, some people with scars and physique should inform your washing teacher about their personal physical condition before washing, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.


4. Does picosecond laser tattoo removal affect the skin?Different people have different skins, and there are great individual differences in the skin’s response to laser cleaning. Even if individual tattooed people have pigmentation, they will disappear automatically within a few days without special repair.