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Key Benefits

The LOTUS III is a highly versatile Er: YAG laser providing physicians with a flexible approach to customizing treatments with a wide range of settings and modes to opt from. The 40us and 5ms modes enable more skin indications to be treated with minimal downtime for the convenience and comfort of patients.

Switching between ultra-short and ultra-long pulse modes provides more control over treatment approaches and the cold ablation mode ensures to lower risk of post-inflammatory side effects such as hyperpigmentation (PIH).


Specialized for Epidermal Lesions

This technological application lowers the risk of reactive hyper and hypo pigmentations and epidermal damage from occurring. Additionally, it is highly effective when targeting red-colored inks for tattoo removal.

Lower risk of reactive hyper- and hypo- pigmentation

Lower risk of epidermal damage

Ability to effectively remove red tattoo ink

DOE Fractional Technology

LOTUS III features LASEROPTEK’s proprietary Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) fractional beam technology. This DOE fractional handpiece delivers uniform fluence and energy across all the beams in the fractional array, resulting in equal distribution of energy into the skin. This equal distribution enables uniform skin ablation with a significantly decreased risk of burns and post-inflammatory hyper- and hypo- pigmentation.

LASEROPTEK’s fractional technology enables laser energy to penetrate the dermis where it stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin. Patients experience remarkable improvement of fine lines, rhytids, acne scarring, and reduction in pore size.\


Multiple Mode Selection

The combination of 40µs Ultra Short and 5ms Ultra Long Pulse modes in a single device and treatment provides physicians with the tools to create a flexible environment to treat a wider range of skin indications. The multiple modes to choose from all focus on physician convenience and patient satisfaction.

Ultra-Short Pulse Mode (USP)

Also referred to as “Cold Ablation,” LOTUS III’s Ultra-Short Pulse Mode (USP) performs deep ablations utilizing a 40µs pulse duration minimizing heat damage to tissue by accurately controlling thermal energy. This results in less pain and undesired side effects. Cold Ablation can also be used for rhytid reduction and highlights the flexibility LOTUS III provides clinicians to tailor treatments by delivering optimal energy where it is needed. This flexibility expands clinical treatment offerings.

Pulse Duration : 40µs

Deep Ablation Depth

No Thermal Damage

Reduced Side Effects

Ultra-Long Pulse Mode (ULP)

LOTUS III’s Ultra-Long Pulse Mode (ULP) is utilized for the promotion of skin reproduction by delivering thermal energy deep into the dermis designed to stimulate aged skin cells. Equipped with a fractional handpiece, ULP mode achieves a maximized coagulation effect by performing shallow ablation with a strong thermal effect using 5ms pulse duration. And due to its even and uniform irradiation of energy, ULP Mode reduces unnecessary thermal damage to target and surrounding regions while boosting the effectiveness of treatments.

Pulse Duration : 5ms

No Ablation

Strong Thermal Effect