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Lamis L Diode Laser

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Ruikd 808 Diode Laser  Epilation for Hair Removal

*Medical CE, KFDA,ISO13485&GMP Certificates approved
*Minimum Powr is at least 500W
*Minimum Energy is at least 100J can adjust
*Frequency: 1-10Hz

What is Lamis L ?
Using 808nm diode laser which can generates high energy to target hair for accurate and affective result.

The outstanding contact cooling technology allows the patient to feel less pain and safe treatment.
Lamis L  Advantages

Fast treatment is available, and with the cooling system,it is less painful.
Selective destruction
It is safe because it destroys hair follicles selectively.n
No damage
Almost no skin damage such as dermatitis or folliculitis
Skin Care
After the treatment,the hair follicles contract and the skin becomes soft

Lamis L Handpiece
Diode system HPFD  – High  Power beam Forced Diode
Auto Control
·Cooling System
·High capability
·cooling system
Spot Size
·spot size
·12 X 14 mm
Lamis L to work
Laser Radiation
The skin contact surface is protected by the handpiece cooling system before and during laser irradiation.
melanin in hair absorbs laser energy, The absorbed energy converted into thermal energy.
Hair Removal
Due to the heat generated by the laser, the hair follicles are destroyed.


Laser Wavelength 808nm/ 810nm
Laser Power Minmum 500W
Spot Size 12cm X 14cm
Pulse Repetition FH 1~10Hz / 1Hz STEP
HR 1~3Hz / 1Hz STEP
SR 1~5Hz / 1Hz STEP
Cooling Sapphire Contact Cooling