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Genelux 3

Q switch ND Yad laser

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Q Switch ND YAG laser fast tattoo removal machine for acne removal

What is  GENELUX-Lite ?

Principle of Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is that it generates strong energy in a very short time to
instantly destroy pigment lesions in both epidermis and dermis without thermal damage to the
epidermis and surrounding skin.



GENELUX Lite Advantages

– Skin Rejuvenation process will be more Gentle and Convenient, but without any consumable accessories.

– Intuitional and Simple working face, easy for operator to master the operation quickly.

– Patent special handpiece design and outlook, avoid the copy of fake companies in market.

– The newest Nano-ceramic Cavity and Insertion Extraction Device of Laser Lens, which can improve the rate of reflectivity and extend he usage life.

– The newest xenon lamp, which can extend the service life to 3 million shots.

GENELUX Lite Handpiece
Using 1064nm-F0
After applying the carbon cream, the carbon particles absorb the laser light and explode instantly, removing impurities and keratin on the skin surface and helping to regenerate collagen.
Using 1064nm-F50
for pigment disease at dermis layer with strong energy Tattoo, nevus of Ota
Using 532nm-F50
for pigment disease at epidermis layer with strong energy Freckles, age spot, blemish

GENELUX Lite Pigmentation Removal Principle
superficial melanin popped out of epidermis, and dropped with the skin cuticle