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Fons SVR Co2 Laser

Co 2 Laser

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New 10600 nm Fractional Vaginal Care CO2 Laser Beauty Equipment FONS SVR RUIKD

*GMP, ISO13485, CE certificates approved

What is Fons – SVR ?
FONS SVR is CO2 laser which generates strong thermal energy and also can be absorbed by water in our body.
There are 3 kinds of hand pieces including surgical co2 laser, vaginal rejuvenation laser and fractional co2 laser.

Fons-SVR Advantages
Good effects and accurate treatment
Short treatment
Non bacteria
Less pain

Vaginal Tightening Laser
making the metamorphotic vaginal mucosa be regenerated and normal improving the loose vaginal and
recovering vaginal contracility improving urination pain, urinary urgency and pressure uroclepsia
reducing vaginal dryness syndrome, genital odor, chronic vaginitis’s.

LVR Handpiece
Laser vagina tightening is a Non-incision treatment using laser rotates 360.around
inside the vagina to shrink vaginal wall by stimulate collagen synthesis of vagina mucosa.
Fractional Laser
FONS SVR – FL SCANNER is using micro-fractional beam with safe power to transfer energy on the target.
High energy irradiate on the skin tissue with very short time.  So it can reduce the hurt on the skin and just less
pain but good effects immediately after treatment
Surgical Cutting Laser
Beam size is fine and sharp treatment of 0.1mm Available
Stable Beam Quality that maintains circularity even far away from the irradiated site during laser irradiation
Guide beam considering user’s convenience and safety