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Aqua Sure Hydra Facial

Treatment Info

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Product advantages:

1.This model hydra facial skin care machine is multifunctional,it has different kind of handles,skin peeling handle is mainly for cleaning pores,to removal black ,white head, scrubber is mainly for exfoliating ,skin lifting,oxygen spray gun is for deep moisture,to make the skin care products deeply into the skin layer.

2.This machine has H2O2 bottle ,the galvanic molecule will bring the harmful substance in the generate best skin enviroment.

3.This machine has three different bottle,you can choose the one for different kind of skin type.such as oil skin,normal skin,sensitive skin etc.

Application: deep moisture pore deep cleaning colleagen regernation

4.promote skin repair rejuvenation

Product display:

hydra facial machine                bubble facial machine

six handles:

auqa peel and water galvanic handle is mainly for skin cleaning,remova harmful stbstance in the pores.

Face roller is mainly for skin lifting ,eye wrinkle removal,massage

Ground bar is mainly for skin lifting,wrinkle removal.

Skin scruber is mainly for exfoliating,to remove the dead skin .

Ultrasonic handle is mainly for promoting absorbing the skin care products.

Bipolar rf and frozen handle can be used as brush to wash face.and can also be used as frozen handle to calm the skin.

Details on the machine:

bubble facial machine

Before and after:

before and after


1.What is the warranty of this model hydra facial cleaning machine?

one year

2.Do you provide trainging video and training certification for this oxygen facial machine?

yes,we can provide you the video and training certification.

3.Do you have user manual for this oxygen facial machine?

yes,we have it.

4.Do you have  any more choice for this kind of machine?

yes ,we have different style of this machine,i can send you a quotation.

5.Do you have consumable item for this machine?

usually it has different nutrition bottle,you can also use some skin cleaning products into the bottle.