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Company Profile

About Us

YSV YSV Group is a one of its kind company that brings Innovative solutions in the Health and Beauty industry to the people. It is an an organization which deals in high end products from all over the world. YSV Group, began as a one man show, rooted in Pakistan has emerged and expanded into a prosperous organisation with operations now in Austrila, Phillpines and Pakistan

The YSV Group focuses on products, services and technologies that can reshape industries and expand our ability to provide our customers with business solutions that synchronize the flow of goods.

Our core objective is to provide high quality products in the health & beauty industry. Innovation, quality and research based products from the premises of our operations. Fulfilling beauty related medical needs of the people is the core aim of the YSV Group.

As an experienced CEO, my tenacious and proactive approach resulted in numerous important contract wins. Our excellent networking skills have provided our team with vital client leads, and We have ability to develop client relationships has resulted in an 288% increase 2014-15and 252% in 2015-16 in business renewals for our current organisation. After years in position , currently seeking a new challenges taking upto the global market share aiming bigger. We have started Philippines market to go beyond the limitations taking our shareholders expectations above and beyound the horizon.


  • Leadership 95%

  • Innovation 85%

  • Adaptable 80%

Meet the Team

Yahya S Vohra


Saad S Vohra

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