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Pollution Free


Anti-pollution cleansing milk

Anti-pollution cleansing milk for all skin types. Thanks to Zeolite, it helps removing impurities, trapped make-up, excess oil, pollutants and dull surface cells for a clear complexion. In combination with hyaluronic acid and natural oils, it leaves skin soft, supple, perfectly refreshed and clean.

Bottle 150ml


Daily use: massage your skin for 2/3 minutes and rinse your face with water.

Active ingredients

ZEOLITE: counters the effects of pollution.
HYALURONIC ACID: moisturising, skin protective.
JOJOBA, ALMOND, OLIVE OILS: reduce skin dehydration, improving tone and appearance.
EXTRACT OF WATERCRESS SPROUTS: antioxidant to prevent signs of skin ageing linked to environmental stress (Dermatologically tested)
Salique Theme Multipurpose Responsive


Salique Theme Multipurpose Responsive